• 54" x 72" Tula Pink Nightshade Quilt Backing - Neptunia Von Black

  • $125.00

  • Description

    * i ♥ t p store exclusive! *

    Nightshade tells the story of the three Von Black sisters. Neptunia Von Black, the youngest sister, left home at the age of nine to pursue a career in Pirating. By 12, Neptunia was captaining her own ship and striking fear into the hearts of yellow bellied pirates across the seven seas. Neptunia is also responsible for procuring exotic ingredients and tracking down mystical relics for her two sisters. It was during one of these relic hunts that Neptunia lost her eye in a fight with a sea turtle.

    *please expect 2 weeks for processing as these backings are custom printed in limited quantities.



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